Environment Policy

We are more than just words…

We are business advisers and chartered accountants who help our clients to grow and develop through comprehensive service offerings and advice. Hallidays recognise that our working conditions affect our productivity, the quality of work that we produce and our environmental impact.

We moved to an environmentally efficient purpose built building in 2008 at the same time as implementing a document management system resulting in 70% reduction in paper usage. This has contributed to us achieving the Silver and Bronze Environmental Business Pledge award from Groundwork in recognition of the steps we have taken.

Since then we have installed 200 solar panels on our roof. It is a 50kw system and, for large parts of the year, we generate electricity in excess of our needs.

We have also installed LED lighting in most areas.

Our aim is to ensure that all operations comply with applicable environmental legislation and meet all other requirements to which we subscribe. We will strive to continually improve our environmental practice by minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and preventing pollution.

The actions we will take to achieve this are...

  • We will regularly monitor environmental performance to ensure that working conditions and the environment are organised and effective. Annual and random environmental cross departmental inspections will be carried out utilizing an ‘Internal Environment Checklist’. This is the responsibility of all senior management within Hallidays.
  • We will review technological changes periodically (minimum biennially) for cost effective environmental improvements to the building structure and heating, lighting, water and waste processes.
  • We will ensure on an ongoing basis that we comply with all relevant environmental legislation and guidance.
  • We will continue to implement out Paperless Document Management System to assist in our objective to become a paperless office and actively promote recycling.
  • We will control confidential waste management and collect plastic and metal for recycling in both kitchen areas.
  • We will actively promote green transport – through the salary sacrifice cycle to work scheme, by providing cycle storage facilities and showers on site, car share and through interest free loans for public transport season tickets.
  • We will actively encourage natural ventilation during the summer months rather than using the air conditioning system.

The Company will actively promote environmental issues to its team members in order to raise awareness and enlist their support in improving the Company’s environmental performance. The policy will be reviewed biennially and changes communicated to the team as well as any intermediate changes being communicated at monthly team meetings on an ad hoc basis.


Nigel Bennett
Managing Director

Last Reviewed Date 21/03/18
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