Lee’s Story - from Scanner to Planner with Hallidays

In 2008 Lee Taylor joined Hallidays as a Scanner. 10 years on he manages a small portfolio of clients and is planning audits...

Lee’s warm and friendly welcome to Hallidays made him feel comfortable from the start. He was in a brand new role scanning documents and unsure what to expect. Here’s how his role grew…

It’s never too late to try something new!

It was Nigel, Hallidays MD that enticed Lee into his current qualified role asking him to complete a spreadsheet task on rental income! The client wanted everything precise and that’s exactly what Lee delivered.

Lee then started working on Personal and Corporation tax returns for 6 months where he learnt a basic understanding in the way accounts worked. Another gentle nudge from the MD and Lee started his AAT and work experience. However, Lee’s history was in the very different industry of Engineering, fabrication and welding. He then moved onto computing and Music Technology until he found his role with Hallidays that he loves and feels comfortable in.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and tried a few different things. Hallidays constantly gives me a lot of opportunities and scope to do something different.”

Lee benefited from Hallidays excellent reputation as a training firm!

Hallidays has an eye wateringly high exam pass rate. A rate that was above 94% in 2017 - the target every year is 80% and it has only been narrowly missed twice in the 15 years the firm has been measuring it. What Lee probably didn’t know was the experience and exposure to a variety of work and training he was to receive would prepare him for his move from Scanner, to Tax admin, to his AAT qualifications, offering client support with a growth advisory company ahead of its peers!

“We measure team happiness which is constantly above 88%. This means its important I fill in the monthly feedback form as we believe this is linked to client happiness. If the team members are not happy then it’s understandable our clients won’t receive the best possible support from us. I feel confident everything is moving forward in the right direction. Its great that we have the latest equipment to work with and our own CRM system designed to focus on supporting our clients with great ideas!”

What else do you love about working with the Hallidays team?

“I am quite a reserved person so don’t push myself forward, so being exposed to the variety of work and lots of opportunities is important. It keeps it interesting and ensures I keep learning. The quality and skills of the team just gets better and better! Having flexible working is brilliant, I don’t know any other firms in our industry that do this. It takes all the stress out of getting to work for a specific time. I live in the Peak District so when it snows the flexibility to work from home is also really good. I love the lieu days which I haven’t experienced before!”

“Before I started with Hallidays I was 26 and unsure what I wanted to do as a career. I knew I hadn’t found the right role for me. As I said, I kept trying new things and I’m glad that I did! Oh, and there’s lots of other things that make Hallidays great, like big baskets of fruit in the kitchens, dress down Fridays and the Summer BBQ is ace, we all have a brilliant time.

Hallidays really care about their team and their clients which means I feel supported which is important to me.”