Liz's Story - from HR Consultant to HR Director with Hallidays

In just 5 years, Liz became Hallidays first Director to work part-time, balancing a fulfilling career alongside supporting and enjoying her young family...

Seeking an ambitious part-time role

Liz relocated to Manchester with her husband and two young children. Passionate about HR, Liz had studied HR at university. She completed an HR graduate training programme with a large manufacturing company and had gained 8 years’ experience and been promoted to a senior role. She was determined not to compromise and looked for the right opportunity to work part-time and continue to progress her career.

What attracted Liz to develop her career with Hallidays?

“Having worked mainly for one employer I was very excited by the variety of clients at Hallidays and the opportunities to apply employment law to a much broader range of sectors and scenarios. It was an amazing opportunity to work alongside a HR Director and grow a HR service with a broad range of clients.”

The benefits of flexible working

“The flexibility enables me to juggle all my responsibilities to my clients, my employer, my family and myself! I can adjust my work pattern to work from home and work in the evenings to make sure I have the right balance to meet clients’ needs and deliver on targets. I’m able to care for my children when they’re sick and be there for those special moments like school assemblies. I’m also able to look after my own health and wellbeing with early morning gym sessions which keeps me motivated and energised!”

Becoming a Director

“When the HR Director was retiring, I was honoured to be considered for the role and delighted I could become Hallidays first Director to work part-time. With a long handover period and lots of practical advice and enthusiasm from the other Directors and the wider Hallidays team I felt well-supported and prepared. Having attended Hallidays Business AM events with our clients I’d gained lots of knowledge and skills that I could apply to growing and developing our HR Service. I also had a few coaching sessions from a member of our team. This helped me to make the switch from thinking as a manager to thinking as a leader, which I’d recommend to anyone wanting to progress their career”.

What do you love about working with the Hallidays team?

“When I came for the interview I could tell from the atmosphere that Hallidays would be a fantastic place to work. Everyone was so friendly and professional. Having worked in industry for most of my career, I love how Hallidays have created a modern, inspiring working environment for their team and developed a culture of supporting each other to grow and develop our skills. We’re encouraged to complete a ‘personal development’ each month. I’ve attended courses to build and broaden my HR knowledge and stepped outside my comfort-zone to deliver presentations. It’s a great company to help achieve your ambitions.”