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A great way to grow your business is to build a strong relationship with introducers that generate leads for you. In this blog, we’re sharing with you some tips on how to start and nurture this relationship.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Review your client base to see what contacts they have e.g. suppliers, agents who might make an ideal introducer for your business.
  • Arrange a meeting for a coffee or lunch.
  • Think about things you can say to promote yourself and the successes you’ve had to showcase how you can help other businesses.
  • Arrange to meet again & schedule time to maintain the relationship.
  • Invite them to an event so they can get to know you better.
  • Give them a lead for their business.

Take action

David Hyners*, renowned public speaker states that top achievers are not extraordinary people they just think and behave differently and take action! He promotes this using his ‘massive goal principle’ to set the foundations for success with achieving your goal.

Using the diagram below, outline in each block the actions you will take to develop a relationship with an introducer that will generate leads for your business. 


* Source: David Hyners, The New Year’s Resolution Handbook – Using the Massive Goal Principle

How Hallidays can help

Hallidays support you to take action to grow your business. We also have a friendly team of experts to inspire you every step of the way on your business growth journey. Please contact our team to learn more on 0161 476 8276 or