Internet Explorer security flaw has now been patched

At the end of last month Microsoft had released a warning about vulnerability with its Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft has now released a security update for this flaw that users will receive on their Windows Updates. If you have automatic updates enabled then you do not need to worry about this as Windows will update itself, however if you do not then you are still at risk and need to get updated.

To see if you have the latest updates you will need to click the start button and then go to Windows Updates, which will be above all of the folders. When you open windows update you will get the screen showed on the right. You need to click on the “check for updates” button to look for any new updates. If you get the message “Windows is up to date” then you have installed all of the updates available to you.

Although Microsoft has ended their support for Windows XP, they are still releasing this patch for all XP users. 

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