Not a business owner but you would like to be?!

Not a business owner but you would like to be?!

You may work in an important position within your firm either at a managerial or director level but you are not an owner. The business owner might be thinking of retiring in the next 10 years. It might not have occurred to you or even them that you could be the potential owner of this business.

Start thinking about how you can make this a reality.

Step One

  • Think about the impact to you and any family members as you will need their support.
  • Ask an independent expert to take a lifecycle review of your assets, income & expenditure and potential ability to raise funding.
  • Approach the Business Owner and ask for an exploratory meeting to plant the seed that this is a possibility for him to consider.
  • Consider other employees within the business that have the expertise you might need who could potentially be interested in joining you or more worryingly leaving the business. Alternatively, contacts outside of the company with the skills you need.
  • Start to look more deeply at how you could raise finance from banks and funding experts such as venture capitals & other providers.

For an exploratory meeting with Hallidays about management buyout, (MBOs) and how we can help and support you through this process please call 0161 476 8276

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