Hallidays akin with Kingsman

Just as Kingsman becomes a big hit breaking box office records, an elite group of directors in Stockport are breaking office rules to become a big hit with their team!

The Kingsman are a forward-thinking group dedicated to improving the world in which they operate, attracting new allies. Over at Kings Reach in the background of Stockport’s iconic Pyramid building, Hallidays own Kingsman - their team of Directors – are testing their strength and wit by stepping out of the usual accountants comfort zone to benefit their team and their clients.

In a bold move to enable team members to blend work with home commitments, Hallidays have made their ‘flexi’ scheme even more flexible. They have removed their core hours policy giving greater flexibility over the completion of contracted hours.

Nigel Bennett, Managing Director said:

“As a business, we have always considered the needs of our colleagues as well as our customers. Back in 2006, we made a major industry move and gave up time sheets. We trust in our team members and with that trust and flexibility comes responsibility. With effective communication, these privileges and new working practices can flourish. I have always wanted to set an example and hope that other firms will follow in our footsteps.”

Hallidays new ‘work life blend’ enables team members to book time as lieu days or they can elect to use this time by working shorter days, flexing their day to fit in with their lifestyle starting later and finishing later, taking extended lunch breaks or using the time to book personal appointments.

“It’s great to see team members arriving from a run at a time to suit them or cycling into work knowing that shower facilities are available. Parents don’t have to worry about how they can drop their children at school. All this helps with reducing stress and makes for a much happier work place which in turn leads to much happier clients.” Says Nigel

Hallidays August team happiness scores hit the 90’s for the first time at 91% which they see as an indication that everything they are doing is appreciated.

Other recent developments have been a review of their retirement policy offering additional holidays for advance notice to retire.

“Part of our culture is supporting our team members to grow and develop through coaching; planning for retirement shouldn’t be any different. Retirement is life changing and we see this support as beneficial to both the team members and to Hallidays so we are both prepared when they leave our business.” Says Nigel.

Other recent introductions are casual Fridays, fruit baskets available in communal eating areas, monthly whole team lunches and games in the rest rooms. These have been added to existing quarterly team coaching and fun days with the whole firm and monthly and annual merit awards.

And, according to their satisfaction scores, all the Kingsman at Hallidays are every bit as popular as those starring in Kingsman!