The new Hallidays App will make your life easier!

When you dive into the relaxing turquoise tones of Hallidays' new customised app you will be greeted with a clear choice of navigation options!

Client Portal

Delve into the 'client portal' from anywhere, at any time you choose. Access critical information relating to your business via Xero, Sage One, Doc Safe, Pay Dashboard and Virtual Cabinet. There is no need to worry about rushing back to the office, or accessing a PC. You can digitally and safely view, sign and approve docs from anywhere.

Mileage Tracker

Relax as the 'apps' section takes away the stress of tracking mileage when visiting customers or suppliers. The mileage tracker allows you to simply tap the start button to track your journey and hit stop when you have finished. Give the trip a name and you are done! Just think of those happy team members and the timesaving this provides.

Receipt Manager

Gone is the frustration of piles of receipts at month end that eat into the precious personal time of business owners. 'Receipt Manager' enables you to take a photo of your receipts, categorise and save them. This allows busy owners to spend the extra time saved with their family and friends on precious Friday evenings and weekends, when they should be relaxing. These great features along with many more, keep everyone happy and their records accurate and up to date!

Growth on the go

Hallidays vision and mission is to support their team and clients while helping them all to grow. So how does the app help with growth? Well, the app contains video that demonstrate how Hallidays help business owners through the successful Business AM growth programme, fondly referred to as BAM. This Hallidays programme runs over two years and takes business owners through goal setting, measuring what matters to the business, leadership, team development, pricing and many other important business challenges. Hallidays recognise that business owners, by and large are isolated; being able to mix with other business owners to discuss their challenges can have a profound impact. There is also easy access to Hallidays blogs, which are updated on everyday business issues, this helps owners save money and focus on what matters to drive businesses forward. Have an explore via the 'How We Help' button and discover the successes that other business owners have experienced. Dip your toe into new ideas such as personal and business coaching and how you can be supported through funding to take your business forward.

The aim of the app, to make life easier for everyone! Download it via the App Store or Google Play on your phone or tablet and take a look as Hallidays would love your feedback!