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Hallidays HR has been tailored to meet the needs of businesses that do not have their own HR resource.

Hallidays HR offer specialist support and advice in this complex area. Our team is well versed in everything from HR to profiling, interviews, financial recruitment and much more.

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Why Hallidays

5 reasons to choose Hallidays for recruitment...


Everything you’d expect of Hallidays you can expect of Hallidays HR. Transparency, honesty and the same passionate commitment to building long-term relationships.


We will ensure that you have in place up-to-date contracts, policies and procedures that support your business objectives.


We have a team packed full of experts. With over 30 years’ experience in the HR industry we’ll help you fulfil all your HR requirements.


We’re all about committing to the task at hand. Our team works in a relaxed, efficient and supportive environment to make sure they can focus on what matters to you.


Our unique fee structure reduces financial risk and provides peace of mind.

Is your business protected?

HR and employment law service can be a potential tripwire for any business. That’s why Hallidays HR is an HR consultancy and employment law service aimed at business owners and leaders who recognise the requirement to keep up-to-date with employment law, and the risks of not doing so, and who also recognise how critical their people are to achieving their business objectives.

Free HR Health Check

We offer a free HR Health Check to help you identify which of your HR practices are at risk, and where you could make significant savings. Whether you are a business with a large workforce, or a growing SME, then talk to us about how you can ensure your business is complying with legislation, and at the same time showing your team they are valued and important.

The right person in the right role

We can also support you with getting the right person into the right role. Our recruitment process gives you a shortlist of properly-screened and appropriately-experienced individuals. We also carry out DISC Behavioural Profiling, not just for the role but for the recruiting line manager and all shortlisted applicants. That way we ensure the best behavioural fit within organisations as well as properly skills-tested applicants.

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Committed to finding the right candidate

"The screening, testing, profiling and interview process was the most thorough process I’ve been through in all my career. My skills and experiences were tested to the limit. And with an interview panel comprising the MD of Hallidays and a HR professional, I doubt if anyone unsuited to a role could get through! When I finally got to the final interview they really spent the time getting to know me as they were confident all of the groundwork had already been done. From my perspective, I felt anyone investing in this type of process was committed to exactly the right person for them."
Adrian Bloor

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