Hallidays HR was borne out of frustration with the high costs and low service delivery from recruitment agencies, and ultimately a belief that there is a much better way of recruiting.

5 reasons to choose Hallidays for recruitment...


With strong links to Hallidays, you can be sure of the same commitment to building a long-term relationship.


Our powerful profiling tool, utilising exercises and tests will be adapted specifically for your role, creating a shortlist with the right skills and aptitude.


Hallidays highly qualified team members will help us test, interview and screen to ensure we find the right person.


Our relaxed, efficient and supportive working environment fosters loyalty, and job satisfaction from the team that is committed to looking after you.


Our unique fee structure reduces financial risk and provides peace of mind in your decision making.

Our team has considerable HR, profiling, and recruitment experience specialising in financial recruitment. Here are a few examples of how we can help you…

Unique fee structure

Our unique fee structure completely shifts the financial risk for our clients. Our placement fee is spread over 16 months, or as long as the employee stays with the organisation. This unique approach means that it is critical to our success that we place the right candidates, in the right roles, within the right organisations.

Behavioural fit

To achieve our aim of placing the right people in the right roles, Hallidays HR’s financial recruitment process delivers a shortlist of screened and appropriately experienced individuals. Our consultancy services include utilising DISC Behavioural Profiling for the required role, the recruiting line manager and all short listed applicants to ensure best fit within organisations plus skills-testing for applicants.

To learn more about profiling, please request a copy of our Profiling Service Sheet.

Keeping up to speed

To ensure we are always up to speed with your organisation’s recruitment needs, there is an annual consultancy fee. This fee is paid regardless of the level of recruitment activity, and covers all costs associated with consultancy, profiling and feedback.

The service was professional, comprehensive and delivered by people who cared. It was clear to me that Hallidays HR wanted to ensure they placed the right person.

Graham Hobbs YMCA

Changing To Hallidays Is Easy

Step 1

Give us a call on 0161 476 8276

Step 2

We’ll explore your financial recruitment needs.

Step 3

Leave the rest to us!

A candidate’s story

"The screening, testing, profiling, and interview process was the most thorough recruitment and assessment process that I had been through in all my career.

My skills and experiences were certainly tested to the limit and with an interview panel comprising the MD of Hallidays and a HR professional, I doubt if anyone unsuited to a role would get through!

When I finally got through to the final interview with NCUK they were able to spend time on really getting to know me as they were confident that all of the ground work had already been done.

From my perspective I felt that any employer investing in this type of process was most definitely committed to finding exactly the right person for them. I was proved right."

Adrian Bloor

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Award Winning Service

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Heritage you can trust

Charles Halliday established Deloitte Halliday in November 1843 with his partner William Welch Deloitte. This partnership lasted until 1887, when Halliday Pearson formed with Arthur Pearson...

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Our fixed price guarantee

We will deliver a high quality service or your money back. Our standardised pricing system is based around providing you with a fixed and fair cost that is agreed in advance...

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