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Hallidays have been providing Credit Union services since 1986. Ever since then our team has always been at the leading edge of developments.

5 reasons to choose Hallidays for your Credit Union…


You will always know exactly what you will pay in advance with no extra work undertaken without your approval.


Our team will work closely with you and are available to call as often as necessary at no extra cost.


We provide internal and external audit services with a clear aim to add value and recommend guidance on improvements.


Because we understand the challenges facing you, we can help you achieve your specific goals.


Our expertise dates back to the formation of the first UK Police Credit Union. Due to this we are often asked to present at Chapter meetings and seminars.

How Hallidays can help

When your credit union engages Hallidays, you can be assured of receiving over 30 years of unique experience in this sector. Whether it is a full scope external audit or a one-off piece of advisery work, you will receive the benefit of our extensive sector knowledge and commercial expertise. We have vast experience with external and internal auditing, and production of quarterly and annual returns.

We can assist you with business plan preparation, facilitated meetings with the DWP or other grant funders, and continue as a virtual board member on a quarterly basis.

Our clients regularly score us at over 90% because of our support and money back guarantee. Our fixed fees mean we do not charge you on a timesheet basis, so you don’t have to worry about how many times you pick up the phone to us.

Hallidays were involved in the formation of the UK’s first police Credit Union in 1986, which was set up by a group of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officers and a Hallidays partner. The £125 that was used to set up these Credit Unions has now transformed into one of the UK’s largest Credit Unions. This is just one example of how we’re much more than accountants, we’re business partners to our clients.

We’ll support you and help you to grow in a wide range of ways.

Strategic Planning

Understanding and preparing a strategic plan can be daunting, our unique strategic sessions enable the main decision-makers to agree collectively on a plan for the future. We act as facilitator to get you to understand strategy, set your vision, review your strengths and weaknesses, and set key strategic objectives.

Business One Page Plan (BOPP)

Through our BOPP sessions we use the strategic objectives to identify the financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs) of your credit union. The BOPP is a monitoring and action tool to ensure activities are carried out to achieve your targeted KPI’s and move you toward your strategy.  

Financial Projection Modelling & Scenario Planning

Financial Projection Modelling and Scenario Planning are crucial elements of any decision making process especially as the PRA is looking at how senior management and board members make decisions. We can help with a financial modelling tool that will save you time and stress.

Compliance Reviews

The banking crisis will increase the number of compliance reviews from the PRA. We can help take away some of the worry by reviewing your systems, controls and reporting environment, and setting an action plan for any improvements that need to be made. We will also help to ensure the actions are being carried out.

Audit and Accounts

It is crucial you’re compliant with CREDS and various credit union regulations. We will prepare and review your accounts in line with these regulations and handle all enquiries from HMRC. We’re trained to undertake external and internal audit functions, which means we can save you the worry over getting this right, especially as our service is tailored to your exact needs.

Added Value

We also provide a range of other services to take away the hassle and stress of running a credit union. Our dedicated Payroll, Pensions, Wealth Management, HR and IT teams are able to provide the services that mean you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

The high level of experience within our team and our specialist knowledge ensures that you always receive our uniquely guaranteed, friendly and expert, high quality service. Find out more about our thoughts and expertise regarding Credit Unions on our blog, or call us to arrange a chat over a coffee...0161 476 8276 or

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