Our vast experience from working with solicitors will help you grow and ensure you have the systems in place to deliver the financial stability you need.

5 reasons to choose Hallidays for your practice…


By systemising your business we can help you improve efficiency and free up your valuable time


Our work within the legal sector has helped our clients grow and succeed


We will guide you through the difficult financial climate and help turn challenges into opportunities


Our knowledge of ever evolving regulatory needs will help your business achieve its goals


Our unique 'One Page Plan' will set targets, implement an action plan and give you monthly updates of everything that matters. Learn more

How Hallidays can help

Our team's commercial and technical knowledge means they are well placed to meet the needs of your legal practice. For example, our expertise includes SRA Account Rules 2011 reporting, completion of accounts and tax returns, plus personal and business planning. We work hard to see the bigger picture and cover strategic wealth planning, trading structure reviews, valuations, mergers and acquisitions.

We're sure we can give your business the support to face challenges and seek new opportunities to grow your business on strong foundations.

Our clients regularly score us at over 90% because of our support and money back guarantee. Our fixed fees mean we do not charge you on a timesheet basis, so you don't have to worry about how many times you pick up the phone to us.

We're much more than accountants, we're business partners to our clients. In fact, we'll support you and help you to grow in a wide range of ways. Here are just a few examples of how we can help:

Good Systems & Controls

The introduction of outcomes focused regulation means that you must have a well managed business with good systems and controls in place. We'll work with you to build robust financial systems to promote financial stability reducing the overall level of risk.

Spotting emerging risks & changes

Our forward looking approach will help your practise to identify the emerging risks and changes in the legal services market. Our invaluable knowledge of the sector and our extensive commercial expertise will help you to face challenges and create new opportunities to achieve personal and business aspirations.

Helping you grow

We are dedicated to ensuring we help you grow and achieve your goals. Our 'One Page Plan' can provide you with a regular monthly snapshot of your practice, making it easy for you to see where you are succeeding and what actions you need to take to improve. Learn more

The Regulatory Environment

Your practice will be facing increased competition, technological change, and price pressure. With major consultations happening on the Solicitors Accounts Rules it is imperative your practice embrace these changes. For example, we can help you turn your annual review of compliance into a process that will add value by looking at the internal and external risk areas.

Audit & Accounts

Our service is tailored to your exact requirements. Whether this is preparation of financial statements, solicitor's payroll, tax returns for your firm, or SRA Accounts Rules 2011 reporting, we will ensure you always remain compliant. All our services are delivered by our highly experienced team, who will ensure that you receive a cost effective and robust service.

Added Value

Our dedicated Payroll, Pensions, Wealth Management, HR and IT teams can provide the extra services that mean you can concentrate on developing and growing your practice.

The high level of experience within our team and our specialist knowledge ensures that you always receive our uniquely guaranteed, friendly and expert, high quality service. Find out more about our thoughts and expertise on our blog, or call us to arrange a chat over some tea and biscuits 0161 476 8276 or email

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Award Winning Service

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Heritage you can trust

Charles Halliday established Deloitte Halliday in November 1843 with his partner William Welch Deloitte. This partnership lasted until 1887, when Halliday Pearson formed with Arthur Pearson...

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Our fixed price guarantee

We will deliver a high quality service or your money back. Our standardised pricing system is based around providing you with a fixed and fair cost that is agreed in advance...

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