Avoid being Shellshocked

Shellshock is a serious bug that could potentially allow hackers to take control of a number of devices you may be using. These devices include Mac computers, website servers, routers and it could even affect software installed on your car. Shellshock is not a virus, it is a vulnerability in the software in devices running the following operating systems:-

Unix operating systems

Linux operating systems


IOS devices.

This means that it’s not just desktop computers and mobile phones that may be affected. Once Shellshock has access to an internet connected device, it can potentially access any other connected device that runs the above systems. Among these devices Wi-Fi routers, iPads and iPhones, which if affected, could allow a hacker to view any data on them including any personal details. They could also direct you to malicious websites when you open the internet.

500 million websites are vulnerable to this bug as a large percentage of web servers use Linux or Unix systems, so we recommended that you do not use your debit/credit card for online purchases until this issue has been resolved.

If you are using a Windows operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows XP does not mean you are safe. As Shellshock is a bug that can affect most Internet Service Providers, a hacker may be able to get onto an affected server and control it and the websites hosted on it. This could allow them access to any personal details that you have put on that website.

There are patches being released for this vulnerability but you need to make sure that you are updating your devices for it to apply.

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