Bank Details Stolen in Wonga Breach

Jamie Collins

Cyber Wise Pro

The Payday loan firm Wonga have announced a data breach that may have affected up to 245,000 of their UK customers. It is believed to be one of the largest UK data breaches involving financial information as Wonga announce that names, addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers and sort codes were stolen. A Wonga spokesperson has said that they are working closely with authorities and that they are in the process of informing affected customers.

What should Wonga customers do?

There have been a number of breaches affecting millions of UK customers in the recent years, but what makes the Wonga breach so catastrophic is the loss of customer bank details. It is imperative that Wonga customers take the necessary precautions;

  • Contact your bank to look out for suspicious activity on your account
  • Watch out for cold calls or Phishing emails
  • Look out for any unusual online activity

Wonga have apologised to all customers for any inconvenience caused and have urged customers to check out their online help page or to call the Wonga helpline. If anyone has any questions regarding the Wonga breach and would like any more advice please feel free to contact us below.

Watch out for Phishing attacks!

In the recent years data breaches of Yahoo, TalkTalk and Wonga have seen millions of UK email addresses stolen. This means that users should expect to see more Phishing emails enter their inboxes therefor increasing the risk of a phishing attack. Our most recent blog addresses the ever growing concern of Phishing and its success rate for criminals, how it is imperative that businesses are aware of the threats and how Cyber Wise has the tools and resources to help protect from attacks. Click here to learn more about The Art of Phishing and how the Cyber Wise Phishing Attack Simulation can help your business.

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