Business AM – Developing Robust Systems Webinar

Paul Whitney

Managing Director

Join Hallidays Corporate Finance Director, Paul Whitney, for our Business AM webinar on Systems for growth.

Learn why systems are so important in your business, particularly during challenging times. This is because good systems ensure your business is protected and allows you to maximise the value of your business.

The webinar covers the following areas:

  • Exit planning
  • Get back time for you
  • Systems to reduce mistakes
  • Urgent and Important matrix
  • Standards
  • Value
  • Where do systems fit?
  • Innovation
  • Quantification
  • Orchestration
  • History
  • What next?
  • Implementation

Taking action

After watching the webinar, why not start taking some action on implementing systems in your business? Take a look at our blog for inspiration on implementing robust systems during challenging times.

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