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With increases in team costs and new inspection protocols introduced by the CQC motivating your team and measuring and sharing what drives change in your organisation is more important than ever!

Step 1 – Understand what your team are thinking!

Research tells us that if your team members are unhappy then this will affect service levels leading to unhappy customers. It’s important to find out what your team are thinking on a regular basis, we would suggest monthly. It’s easy and cheap to put together a paper survey if your whole team don’t have access to computers. Alternatively electronic surveys such as Survey Monkey let you create online surveys with up to 10 questions which you can then send to 100 respondents for free (at time of writing). Annual subscriptions to survey software can be very reasonably priced and these can be used to gain valuable feedback from both your team and your customers.   

You can access all responses on the Survey Monkey website and download them to an excel spreadsheet. This allows you to take action on poor responses and share the good ones with prospects and customers.

Step 2 – How could you achieve more with your existing team?

A great way of finding out about your team members is profiling them. This will help you understand why your team members behave the way they do, and help you to build a better team to achieve better results. DISC is one simple way to learn about 4 personality types, the process involves completing a simple questionnaire and from the personal report you can find out if there is more you could achieve with your existing people.

"DISC Behavioural Profiling was fascinating. This wasn’t just the managements’ view, our whole team found it interesting and valuable for making the changes required. We underestimated the effect on motivation that investing in the personal development of our team would have."

Karen Wilson and Claire Williams Directors - Paper Salad Ltd

Step 3 – Involve your team with decision making!

Nothing improves commitment more than being trusted to be involved in decision making and then taking pride in rolling out those new ideas that improve performance and overall happiness. Brainstorming with your team and inviting conflict also helps to understand why some ideas might not be such a great idea because everyone understands the problems surrounding them. An engaged team will work together to a common focus and drive the business towards its goals.

Step 4 – Share your goals, your vision and measure what’s important to achieve this!

Measuring what drives change within your organisation and sharing this on a regular basis with your team, we would suggest monthly, will keep your business aligned to its goals and vision. It gives your team a sense of purpose providing clarity on your targets making it quicker and easier to monitor your successes and identify any underperformance. Why not take the opportunity to treat and thank your team by providing a light breakfast or afternoon treat and handing out a merit award that the rest of the team have voted on – everybody wants to feel appreciated and know that what they are doing is worthwhile!

We’ve been able to beat our previous year’s turnover in 8 months. We put this down to measuring the things that matter on our Business One Page Plan."

Stuart Bradley MD, Trust Brand Communications Ltd

Step 5 – Do you have a culture of followers?

Or are you pushing for leadership at every level? By fundamentally changing the way you do things you can improve performance, improve morale and retain the team members you value. Create a workplace where everyone takes responsibility for their actions. With the right techniques you can drive your company and engage with your team to achieve the business vision.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs

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