Come over to the ‘Dark Side’ of corporate finance

Jane Bennett

Marketing Manager

This is how corporate finance is sometimes perceived – unclear and confusing. The primary goal of CF is to maximise or increase shareholder value.

Increasing the value of your business ready for exit can never be started too soon. There are a number of routes you can take:

  • Pass on the business to family members
  • Sell it for a capital sum which means you need to identify possible purchasers which could be employees or a trade buyer.
  • Or alternatively wind up the business which can be far more costly than you would imagine due to redundancies, legal costs and office/warehouse clearance.

Having the right systems in place means that a buyer is far more likely to choose your business to purchase over a competitor!

86.77% is the figure that of SME’s surveyed said that they would pay, on average, for a well systematized business. Systems may not seem like an exciting area of your business but not only does it improve the value ready for sale it also:

  • Gives back to you, the business owner, time to work on the business and improve your work life balance.
  • Reduce mistakes thereby saving money and improving your service.
  • Maintains standards which will keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • Increases the value – if you are your business and it cannot work without you in it, then it’s worth next to nothing!

To ensure you plan for the future you deserve, buy that dream house and live the lifestyle you want then please speak with us and start planning now! The New Year is a great time to start.

Take a look then call us to arrange to take your first step:

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