Cyberattackers are using fake missed parcel messages to steal users’ data

Dan Liles


Cybercriminals are using SMS messages to pose as UK delivery services, such as ‘Royal Mail’ to collect personal details.

The SMS messages appear unsuspecting, giving victims an update about the parcel that they have ordered. However, the deceitful link redirects users to download a malicious app onto their smartphones. This App contains spyware which, if installed, can steal your banking details, passwords, and other sensitive information contained on your Smartphone and send it to Cyberattackers. The software will also use your device to send the messages to your contacts, further spreading the malware.

Example messages:

If you receive messages like these:


  • First think if you are expecting a delivery from the provider listed by the text. If you aren’t then you know it is a phishing attempt, ignore the message.
  • If you are expecting a delivery, is the message from the expected courier? If it is not then you know it is a phishing attempt, ignore the message.
  • If it is, check the link is the genuine URL for the delivery provider. If the link is not then you know it is a phishing attempt, ignore the message.

We recommend, for total security, not clicking links from text messages or emails and going to the official website of the company to track your order.

If you need any support with protecting yourself from scams, find out how Cyber Wise can help or get in touch at or call 0161 476 8276.

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