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Jane Bennett

Marketing Manager

When you download our brand-new app, you’ll be greeted by a clear choice of navigation options! The warm, relaxing turquoise tones of the home screen will invite you into a world of growth and support for you and your business. 

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve carefully chosen 12 icons that will lead you to useful tools and resources designed to make your life much easier. If you tap on ‘Apps’ you’ll discover 5 tools that have been crafted to save you time to focus on what’s important to you.

Client portal

Tap on the ‘Client Portal’ icon and access business critical information anywhere, at any time you choose. With access to Xero, Sage One, Doc Safe, Pay Dashboard and Virtual Cabinet there is no need to worry about rushing back to the office, or accessing a PC. You can digitally and safely view, sign and approve docs from anywhere.

Mileage tracker

The mileage tracker will take the stress away of tracking mileage when visiting customers or suppliers. Simply tap the start button to begin tracking your journey and hit stop when you have finished. Give the trip a name and you’re done! Just think of the happy team members and timesaving this will provide you.

The calculators section within ‘Apps’ will give you access to 18 of the most useful calculators you may need within your business, easily check income tax rates, payslips, VAT and currency conversion amongst many others so you have access to specific financial calculations at any time.

Receipt manager

Tired of spending hours collecting and recording receipts throughout the month? Receipt manager enables you to take a photo of them, categorise and save them, and you’re done! Saving you lots of time for you to focus on your business instead of working in it.

Download our app today

Along with the Income Manager and Receipt Bank, these features will allow you to keep all records up to date, freeing up your time and that of your team. So, download it today via the App Store or Google Play and dive into the clear blue waters of Hallidays App, your go to place for growth and support.

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