Do you know what makes your team tick?

Liz Chiva

HR Director

Profiling is a great way of finding out what makes your team tick and the best way to communicate with them. It will give you a better understanding of why your team members behave the way they do and help you to build a better team to achieve better results.

Profiling is also a fantastic way to ensure you make the right recruitment decisions and understand how to help new members joining your team to be productive quicker.

At Hallidays we use a system called DISC, which is based on four broad personality types. Understanding the personalities within your team is vital for good communication and working effectively together.


DISC is a very simple yet extremely accurate tool. The process involves completing a simple questionnaire. From there we analyse your responses to obtain your comprehensive personal report. You’ll be glad to know that no blood tests or samples are taken!

This process will help you to find out if there is more you could achieve with your existing people.

Learn how profiling can help your team to work more effectively by reading our DISC success stories or contacting our HR team on 0161 476 8278 or

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