Do you want to increase your profits?

Jane Bennett

Marketing Manager

Obviously you do!  Our ‘Business One Page Plan’ will empower your business to grow.

Hallidays’ ‘Business One Page Plan’ (BOPP) will help you increase your profits and work more effectively.

It will give you a regular snapshot of your business, showing your key performance indicators for making your business a success. 

Setting targets

We’ll help you set targets for everything that matters within your business. Your ‘Business One Page Plan’ will:

  • Provide you and your team with clarity and focus on your sales targets, financial control, and managing your team
  • Make it quicker and easier to monitor your successes and identify any underperformance

Improving your performance

Hallidays will support you to use your ‘Business One Page Plan’ to:

  • Empower you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your business     
  •  Open your mind to possibilities for your business and your future

“We’ve been able to beat our previous year’s turnover in 8 months. We put this down to measuring the things that matter on our BOPP."

Stuart Bradley MD, Trust Brand Communications Ltd

Please call us to arrange your first Business One Page Plan meeting or find out more about BOPP here.

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