Does your business have value in Intellectual Property?

Paul Whitney

Corporate Finance Director

Maybe this hadn’t even occurred to you, but this is in fact something you can have valued and can raise finance on. IP would also carry a value when you finally exit the business, making the overall sale more complete and attractive.

The Intellectual Property can be valued by experts in this field just as you would have a business valued. This would cover areas such as software, patents, trade secrets, critical database and things like secret recipes.

You might want to consider entering the YBRC IP100. This platform can help you gain recognition to:

  • Boost your exit valuation
  • Improve access to new marketing
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Leverage new funding options and create new barriers to entry

In addition, banks are now beginning to consider the value of the business’ assets that are not traditionally included on the balance sheet. The banking industry recognises that many businesses’ key assets are nowadays not always tangible, such as property, fixtures and fittings or working capital items, trade debtors etc, but in this age of technology where businesses do not always look like the ‘bricks and mortar’ counterparts of previous generations, they are (slowly!) starting to adapt to that fact when valuing security for loans.

In the future, we think this will be much more commonplace, but some banks are already looking at this. So if you are considering your funding strategy, and want to explore what other options are available to you, based on the tangible and intangible assets you have in your business, talk to us so we can help you understand what may be possible.

There are also attractive tax breaks for the Research and Development expenditure incurred in developing certain IP and for the exploitation of patents. The rules are detailed but Hallidays can help and guide you through the process with HMRC.

Use your IP to underpin competitive advantage!

Hallidays can help identify and value Intellectual Property, call us on 0161 476 8276

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