Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone and Financial Support Scheme

Daniel Sullivan

Marketing Manager

The Greater Manchester-wide charging Clean Air Zone is due to be introduced on 30 May 2022, with some exemptions. Vehicles that do not meet emissions standards (non-compliant vehicles) will be charged to drive in the Clean Air Zone. Financial support is available for affected vehicle owners that meet the eligibility criteria.

The Financial Support Scheme is due to open for applications from the end of January 2022. Apply as early as possible to have the best chance of being successful.

We’re raising awareness of the Clean Air Zone and the financial support available. For full details please visit - Clean Air Greater Manchester.

What is the Clean Air Zone?

The Clean Air Zone boundary will follow the administrative boundary of Greater Manchester as closely as possible. You can learn more and view a map of the Clean Air Zone here

You will need to pay a £10 daily charge to travel in the Zone from 1 June 2023 if:

  • You own a panel or box van, car-derived van, pickup, flatbed truck, motorised horsebox (up to 3.5t when carrying a load), or minibus (between eight and 16 passenger seats).


  • It has a Euro 5 or earlier diesel engine (typically registered before 2016).


  • It has a Euro 3 or earlier petrol engine (typically registered before 2005).

Financial Support Scheme

More than £120m government funding is available to help eligible Greater Manchester businesses, organisations and people switch to cleaner, compliant vehicles.

The Financial Support Scheme will open for LGV and minibus applications from the end of January 2022. Applicants will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Own a small or micro-business, be self-employed or a sole trader, a charity, a social enterprise OR be a private owner/registered keeper of a non-compliant vehicle.
  • Be the registered keeper of a non-compliant vehicle with a valid MOT (or annual test), Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax) and insurance.
  • Have a main (or only) residential address OR a registered business address in Greater Manchester for at least 12 months immediately before applying for funding support.

Clean Air GM have produced a quick online checker. Answering a few questions, you can confirm if your vehicle is included in the Zone and eligible for an exemption and/or funding.

Funding options

If you’re eligible for financial support, there’s two options:

  1. Retrofitting your vehicle

A range of accredited vehicle retrofit options are now available that achieve emissions equivalent to Euro VI level. You can check if a retrofit solution is available for your vehicle at the Energy Saving Trust website.

You can apply for a grant of up to £5,000 per vehicle towards retrofit to a compliant standard via a Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS)-certified system.

  1. Replacing your vehicle

You can apply to replace your non-compliant vehicle through an accredited dealership. Grants and finance options will be available. Finance options contribute to the cost of financing a replacement vehicle, with the applicant paying in instalments for an agreed period.

  • Replacement van (LGV) under 1.6t: grant of up to £3,500 per vehicle OR access to affordable vehicle financing.
  • Replacement van (LGV) over 1.6t and up to 3.5t): grant of up to £4,500 per vehicle OR access to affordable vehicle financing.
  • Replacement minibus: grant of up to £5,000 towards replacement of a non-compliant vehicle OR access to affordable vehicle financing.

Accessing support

The Financial Support Scheme is due to open for applications from the end of January 2022. Please visit Clean Air GM for full details. If you have any questions you can contact Clean Air GM directly on 0161 244 1333 or

If you are a Hallidays client, please also discuss the funding with your business advisor for support.

GC Business Growth Hub is also offering support to businesses, sole traders and self-employed people who are affected by the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone to understand their options for complying with the new Clean Air Zone. Learn more by visiting -

Top tips to avoid and reduce air pollution

Clean Air GM share some ideas that could work for you and your business. It might not be possible to do them all, but every small change we make can help clean up our air – Be the change.

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