Grow your business by increasing average customer spend

Philip Jones


In this blog we’re sharing some tips with you on how you can encourage your customers to spend more money each time they buy goods or services from you.

Very small changes can have significant impacts. Whatever your business and whatever products or services you are selling you can easily test out the most promising ideas to find out which are most effective for you.

Five ideas you might want to consider:

  • Increase your prices by 1% - this has had absolutely no effect on the volume of sales and is the simplest way of getting your customers to spend more
  • Show customers your most expensive item first
  • Make it easier (perhaps even free) for your customers to try your other products or services
  • Offer bundles of products or larger quantities at a more advantageous price
  • Help your customers to be successful so they grow and buy more from you

Take action

A great way to get started is to involve your team with identifying the best ideas for your business or organisation. What action are you going to try first?

Remember to test the most promising ideas, create systems and train your team to ensure they are confidently and consistently doing everything the very best way you have discovered so far!

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