Growing as a Leader

Nigel Bennett

Managing Director

Everyone wants to be a great leader in their business and even the best leaders in the world are always looking for new ways to enhance their skills. In this blog we’re sharing with you an effective tool you can use to prioritise your personal development as a leader.

So, what do we mean by leadership?

Leadership and management are often seen as the same thing, which they aren’t. Management is mostly about processes and Leadership is mostly about behaviour. Here’s some key behaviour traits of a good leader:

  • Innovates
  • Develops
  • Focuses on people
  • Inspires trust
  • Takes a long-range perspective
  • Challenges the status quo

Where to start?

This exercise below will help you to focus on the key leadership skills you need for growing your business.


Revisit this wheel regularly and keep re-scoring yourself as you improve your leadership skills and deliver your business strategy.

How can Hallidays help?

Our friendly team can support you to understand and develop your leadership style and skills. We can also help you to access a professional business coach for one-to-one advice. Learn more by reading our success story and contacting us on 0161 476 8276 or

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