How can Hallidays app help grow my business?

Jane Bennett

Marketing Manager

When we designed our app, we didn’t want something that would just churn out financial information. We wanted something that would support you and help you to grow.

Business Growth Events

Our app contains access to all our business growth videos that demonstrate how Hallidays have supported business owners and how we can support you to achieve similar results. There are videos on our successful Business AM growth programme, fondly referred to as BAM. This Hallidays programme runs over two years and takes business owners through goal setting, measuring what matters to your business, leadership, team development, pricing and many other important business challenges. Through the app you can see an overview of the programme and even sign up!


There’s also access to Hallidays blogs, which are updated on everyday business issues, this helps owners save money and focus on what matters to drive the business forward. Explore via the ‘How we help’ button and discover the services on offer. Read about the successes of other business owners and their experiences. Tap on the ‘How we help’ button and visit our Business Growth section to explore new ideas such as personal and business coaching and discover the successes that other business owners have experienced.

Bedtime reading

The ‘Bedtime reading’ section of our app will give you inspiration with your business strategy. It includes factsheets around business issues such as business planning, grants, securing business success and much more.

Get social with us

Through the app you can also connect with us across our social media profiles including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. Catch up on our latest business news, blogs, events and much more by connecting with us. We also love sharing our clients content by retweeting and reposting what’s going on in their business world.

Download our app today on the App Store or Google Play and give us your feedback.

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