How impressed would a potential buyer be?

Paul Whitney

Corporate Finance Director

In our last blog we talked about preparing your business so it’s at its best for sale. Imagine getting ready for a first date and your hair needs a wash, your jacket needs a clean, your shoes need a shine and maybe you’ve a button missing – what impression are you going to make?!

How impressive will you be if you put all those things right and then imagine this is your business and the potential buyer of your business is presented with this image? How more likely are you to attract the right buyer to sell your business at the right price? Even if you’re considering a management buyout (MBO), will they place sufficient value on the business to return you what you consider you deserve?

It may seem overwhelming but starting to put a step by step plan in place now will mean you are ready when the time comes to sell.

Another alternative is a management buy-in (MBI). You might not have considered this, but this might be a great step towards retiring and will enable you to wind down in later years if you do not feel that you have an existing Management Team capable of an MBO.

Hallidays can help you explore these options, even helping to find the right team to help compliment and support you and who would eventually take over the business on your retirement.

Hallidays can also help with sector expertise for the market you are in, providing detailed comprehensive reports. Call to arrange a meeting at which we will assess how ready your business is for sale and start to take taking the first steps to a relaxed and happy retirement.

We can help

If you would like support please read our corporate finance webpage or contact Hallidays on 0161 476 8276 or email

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