Important Update for Smartphones

Jamie Collins

CyberWise Pro

Apple, Google and Intel have released important updates to their smartphones after a major Bluetooth vulnerability was discovered.

The Bluetooth vulnerability gives hackers the potential to read messages and steal media such as videos and pictures stored on the device.

The importance of the update rollout is due to the data being sent via the Bluetooth connection between 2 devices not being properly encrypted, making it easier for hackers to intercept and steal.  

The vulnerability affects almost all smartphones; Apple have released iOS 11.4, Intel updated it’s Bluetooth drivers for Windows devices while Google have released updates for both Android and ChromeOS.

Experts believe that hackers will be racing to find a way to exploit the vulnerability due to the fact it affects almost all smartphone devices. It is estimated that there are over 2.1 billion smartphones in the world with over 65% of people in the UK owning one.

Cyber Wise recommends all users to keep all of their devices up to date to ensure they are protected from all known vulnerabilities and exploits. We recommend smartphone users backup their devices and check for updates regularly to ensure their devices are protected.

Instructions on how to update your appropriate device are;

  • iOS (Apple): Go to your Settings app – Select ‘General’ – Select ‘Software Update’
  • Windows: Swipe left onto your menu – Find and select ‘Settings’ – Select ‘Phone Update’
  • Android: Go to your Settings app – Scroll and select ‘About Device’ – Select ‘Update’
  • ChromeOS: Select ‘Settings’ – Select ‘About Chrome OS’ – Select ‘Check for updates’

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