iTunes phishing scam

Jamie Collins

Cyber Wise Pro

Apple warns customers of hoax iTunes email and asks all customers to ignore and delete it.

iTunes customers have been receiving scam emails that ask users to confirm personal details. The emails appear to be very authentic invoices from apple claiming that the user has purchased a song from iTunes for £23.34.

The hoax was brought to Apples attention by several users on social media who flagged up the emails when they found that selecting the ‘Cancel and Manage Subscriptions’ link directed them to a fraudulent website that was asking customers to enter their personal details.

Apple asks everyone to ignore and delete the hoax email!

This type of online scam is commonly known as ‘Phishing’. Emails that appear to be legitimate and authentic are sent to thousands of email addresses to lure them into providing personal details. Learn more about ‘Phishing’ emails and how to recognise them…

Cyber Wise is a new initiative from Hallidays that aims to help businesses stay protected against cyber threats and scams. Cyber Wise courses teach you how to recognise fake emails and SPAM, and with the help with our RSS Feeds page you can keep up to date with all the latest Phishing scams so you can stay protected. Visit the Cyber Wise page for more information

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