Lifecycle Review

Jane Bennett

Marketing Manager

This is the story of Joe, a 50+ business owner who is looking to maximise and secure the value of his assets to minimise his taxation and provide the future he wants for himself and his family.

We worked with Joe to help him identify where he is now, where he wants to be, and how he’s going to achieve it so he has a plan for himself and those he loves and cares for. 

Our ‘Lifecycle Review’

We reviewed Joe’s family’s personal income and expenditure over the next 5-10 years alongside their goals and timeframe for retiring and other priorities.

We constructed a plan to secure their assets and income streams which:

  • Increased their net worth through tax efficient planning
  • Provided clarity on when Joe and his wife could exit the business and retire with financial security

The Results

Joe has significantly advanced his retirement date and now has a clear picture of what he needs to do to ensure they can exit the business and enjoy the financial independence they want.

They have peace of mind their family’s assets are safeguarded for their children.

The worry caused by uncertainty has been removed so Joe can relax and enjoy his remaining working years.

“Through my Lifecycle Review, Hallidays made me look at the hard facts and take responsibility for my own future and that of my business. I now have peace of mind that the business we have proudly built up over 25 years will continue to thrive.”

Joe Pritchard – Director

Read more about our Lifecycle Review. You can plan for those you love and care for today, call us on 0161 476 8276 or email to find out more.

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