Mobile Security

From a device that used to just make phone calls to replacing computers, mobile phones have evolved and the technology has come a long way. With the ability to check your bank balance, open your emails and download apps to help/entertain you, mobile devices are more popular than ever. But be aware, it is important to remember the potential security issues that can arise. With this functionality you should always pay attention to what you are downloading, saving and opening. Just because you are using a mobile does not make you safe. Think about all of the saved passwords you have on your phone for your email account, bank details, personal contacts etc. Do you have anti-virus/malware protection installed?

But I have an iPhone, I’m ok right? Wrong. Whilst some malware and viruses are targeted at to affect this system or that one thing is for certain, none are 100% safe. With the incentives of cyber-crime so lucrative there will always be someone trying to access your data.

How do you stay protected? The same way you would on your computer - Don’t open random emails you are not expecting. Do not click any links that you do not recognise and always check what you are opening and who is sending it to you. You should be just as vigilant with your mobile security as you would be with your computer. When downloading App’s onto your phone be careful what website you get them from (where applicable). There are websites that will appear to be giving away free App’s but they are actually malware. You should only download Apps from the certified App store depending on what type of phone you have.

Anti-Virus – Whilst we do not recommend any specific software there are some free tools out there. Android users should consider this antivirus to keep your mobile safe. It comes with a few nice features such as being able to track the location of the phone if you lose it, and a remote lock/wipe if it is stolen. There is also a premium version available but the free version has the essentials. iPhone users should consider this, it has a lot of the same features as above but works with iOS.

Device security is always a case of staying vigilant, remember the steps above, keep an up to date anti-virus and you will be doing no harm in keeping your mobile devices safe.

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