National Mental Health Awareness Day – 10th October

Liz Chiva

HR Director

Mental health problems cost UK employers around £30 billion* per year due to absence, poor productivity and recruitment. Pressures at work, 'presenteeism' (working when unwell) and the culture of silence that surrounds mental health can often mask problems.

  • One in six* of us will suffer mental health problems during our lives
  • One in six* of our work colleagues are likely to be suffering now
  • 95%* of team members absent due to stress or depression will give a different reason for their absence

Mental Health can cover a range of conditions from anxiety and stress to depression and serious medical conditions.

There is a strong business case to strive to make your workplace 'mentally happier', however despite this mental health is too often still a taboo subject. Forward thinking employers are now placing the same strategic importance on supporting their team's mental health as their physical health.

Would you like to find out more?

ACAS has teamed up with the NHS's Mindful Employer initiative and has produced this great guide to understand and manage mental health in the workplace - Promoting Positive Mental Health at Work

Would you like to do more?

Join the Time to Change Pledge. As an inspirational statement it indicates to your employees, clients and the public that your organisation is taking action to tackle the stigma and discrimination around mental health.

Making changes in your workplace

Here are some practical things that you can do:

Take care of yourself
Help team members to take care of themselves
Monitor workloads and work pressures
Ensure staff know they can talk to you
Promote good mental health in the work place
Have supporting HR policies and processes in place that focus on providing support when your team members need it

If you would like advice or support on improving mental health in the workplace please call 0161 476 8278 or email to discuss and explore a range of options sensitively and in confidence.

* Source: Promoting positive mental health at work, ACAS.

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