Sage warns users of fake invoice

Jamie Collins

Cyber Wise Pro

Sage has warned users of a current phishing scheme where criminals are using fake Sage invoices to bait users into clicking on dangerous links.

Fake Sage invoices containing malicious links have been spotted in users inboxes recently. Sage have issued an email warning users of the phishing scam with specific information on what to look out for;

  • So far they have seen emails sent from the address:
  • It contains the subject: ‘Your Sage Invoice Subscription is now ready’
  • It contains a link to ‘View your Sage Subscription Invoice’ which links to a malicious website
  • There is a potentially malicious invoice attachment

Cyber Wise have received examples which have been attached. We ask all users to promptly delete the fake Sage email permanently, preferably using SPAM filters if you have one. We also recommend that you warn all users of the fake Sage invoice.

If you need any more help, feel free to call our IT team on 0161 476 8276 or email

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Posted 16th February 2018

Cyber Wise

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