Setting goals for growth

Nichola Coles


In the first step of our Business AM programme, we focus on setting goals for growth. This can be daunting, especially if you’ve not set goals before or you’re taking your business in a new direction. Where do you start?

In a friendly environment of likeminded business owners, our team of business advisors will support you to set the goals that are right for you and your business. Using our wide range of tools and techniques we’ll help you take control and drive your business forward.


We start at the beginning, using a simple technique to review where you and your business are now and where you want to be.

To set great business goals, it’s vital to align these with your personal goals too. A great place to start is by identifying:

What are the 3 things you really want from your life? Here’s a few broad suggestions to get you thinking…

  • To spend more time with your partner or children
  • To exercise regularly so you feel great
  • To have a business of value when you retire

What 3 things would you change about your business?

  • To take your business in a new direction?
  • To dedicate more time winning new customers
  • To spend less time ‘firefighting’

Our team of business advisors will guide you through our tools and techniques to support you to kickstart your personal and business goals and put a plan for success in place.

Contact our team or or 0161 476 8276 to learn more about Business AM and all the ways we can help you with goal setting.

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