What you need to know about the Apple updates

Jamie Collins

Cyber Wise Pro

Apple have released updates to both their iPhone and Mac products. What must you know before you update?

Apple have recently released the latest version of their iPhones operating system, iOS11, and Mac operating system MacOS High Sierra. The upgraded software is in preparation for Apples 3 new phones; iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. A lot of you may already now the key features to the updates like; the Control Centre’s new look, Do Not Disturb While Driving and new iMessage features, but is there more to the updates that you need to know about?

We recently released a blog on Cyber Wise illustrating other key changes included in the iOS11 update that you should know about. These key changes can affect security risks to user data and it is vital that iPhone and Mac users are aware of these after updating. Visit our blog and learn more about why;

  • iPhone 5 devices are at risk
  • Old applications may no longer work
  • Turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off doesn’t actually turn it off
  • Your iPhones performance and battery life have declined
  • Updating your Mac could increase performance

It is highly recommended that all users update to the latest iOS and MacOS as updates include vital security patches to protect your device and data. To check for updates, simply go to Settings – General – Software Update.

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Posted 27th September 2017

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