Why do I need a Will?

Most people put off making a will because they don’t feel it’s relevant or they presume anything they leave behind will automatically go to the right people.

However, you can put off making a Will until it’s too late. Without a written Will you lose control over who will receive your inheritance and it could mean that the people you most care about don’t inherit anything.

Get peace of mind

Writing a Will lets you relax knowing that your assets will be inherited by the people you want them to and if you have minor children there are people chosen by you to look after them.

Who needs to make a Will?

Everyone should have a Will written. Though if you have dependant relatives, or you own property or assets you want someone to inherit, having a Will is essential.

So what happens if I don’t make a Will?

This is called having died Intestate. If this happens the Intestacy rules are used to decide which people inherit your assets. These rules were changed on 1st October 2014. For more information click here.

Who can make a Will?

Anyone over the age of 18 and of sound mind can make a will. However:

  • A member of the armed forces can make a will under the age of 18.
  • It is possible, due to the Mental Health Act 1983, for a Will to be made out for someone if they are mentally incapable of doing so themselves.

For information and guidance visit the Public Guardianship Office website here.

Is making a Will difficult?

No. A Will simply involves a written list of all your property and assets followed by who you would like to inherit them. If you have minor children, it will state who you would like to take care of them.

What makes a Will Valid?

It should be in writing and appoint someone to carry out the instructions of the Will (an Executor).It must then be signed by the person making the will (the Testator), or signed on the testator’s behalf in his / her presence and by his / her direction. Two people must witness the Will being signed and then sign it themselves.

To find out more about Wills please click here. Or if you would like further advice on writing your own Will contact Hallidays on 0161 476 8276 or email

Reviewed 12th December 2018

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