Will your IT support your next normal

Paul Whitney

Managing Director

“Uncertain times” has become one of those trite clichés that begins a depressing number of emails nowadays. But if there’s one copper-bottomed certainty, it’s that working life won’t go back to how it used to be.

So every business now needs 1). a vision of where they’re going in this new world, 2). a roadmap of how they’re going to get there, and 3). the infrastructure that underpins the journey.

In other words, if your IT doesn’t support your business strategy, there’s no guarantee you’ll end up where you want to.

Of course, it’s difficult for business owners to set out a plan for IT initiatives to help achieve their objectives. When you go to a fitness instructor, you don’t set out your own fitness plan. An intelligent tech partner will lay out a clear IT plan that paves the way to your business goals. Everything IT does should support those objectives, with a clear matrix of priorities linked to your vision.

And it should seamlessly link all your team - wherever they’re now working – as securely and efficiently as if they were under the same roof.

That’s what you’ll be getting by partnering up with Hallidays IT. An agile working infrastructure that unites your team and your data effortlessly. That solidly protects information and interactions, but adapts to your business practices as they flex with the fluctuating world.

It’s a service that’s got the vote of their clients – with well over 90% of clients praising their response speed, personal service, value for money and working relationships. In fact, here’s the kind of things they say in their own words:

“After being frustrated for such a long time we finally have systems that work to help rather than hinder. You have helped us to streamline our IT operation and your on-going support has been invaluable.”

Sue Hallworth – Finance Manager

Kutchenhaus Limited

“Since day one they have provided a level of service that has far exceeded our expectations. Their response, solution suggestions and service levels are unparalleled.”

Dave Randles – Safety Director

Simian Risk Management Ltd

And we’ve every confidence that you’ll feel the same.

So why not give it a try? You’re bound to them by nothing more than the day-to-day quality of their service – no contract tie-ins, no upfront costs – they’ll be there whenever you need them and if their standards fall below your expectations you’re free to walk away. That’s what gives Hallidays IT their edge.

Call Matthew Jones today to chat about how their support will strengthen your business. 

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