Play to your strengths

First published on Twelve Scholars, https://twelvescholars.com/podcast/s1e12

Monty Python once described accountants as “dull, tedious, stuffy and boring—and desperately dull” but Nigel Bennett, now Chairman and previously the Managing Director, is changing that perception one team member at a time. Since joining Halli­days, Nigel has overseen the devel­opment of this traditional account­ancy firm into a proactive business partner that supports clients to grow and achieve their ambitions.

Over the years, Nigel has overseen Hallidays reposition itself as the business partner for growth and support. A regular presenter at business events, Nigel is passionate about individuals and businesses taking action.

In this episode, Bob Buckley from Twelve Scholars sits down with Nigel to discuss being proactive and how to play to your strengths.


  • 01:33 Introduction
  • 05:00 Changing your communication style
  • 07:58 Bob's football analogy
  • 11:55 HIT classes (internal training essential)
  • 18:38 Helping others with Business AM
  • 23:13 Advice to younger self
  • 24:25 Nigel's recommended book to get started
  • 25:19 Key lessons
  • 26:34 Close

Authors: Bob Buckley, Grace Lambert-Smith, Editors at Twelve Scholars.

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Play to your strengths

In this episode with Twelve Scholars, Nigel discusses being proactive and how to play to your strengths.