Success Story

A step by step plan for retirement!

Maggi Electronics are one of the country’s leading electronic repair centres. Having transformed the company into a profitable, well-organised business, it was time for Joe to plan for his retirement and the future of his business.


Joe was unable to confidently plan for his retirement. He did not know how his personal income and expenditure, assets and liabilities, pensions and investments would impact on his family and business over the next 5-10 years.

As a family man, it was important for Joe to take responsibility to ensure he could provide a secure legacy for his family.

Having worked hard to build up his business, Joe wanted peace of mind that he would be leaving the company in a strong financial position.


Hallidays Lifecycle Review provided Joe with a clear overview from which he could confidently plan and take action to ensure he and his family would have a secure future.

Hallidays put in place a step-by-step plan to enable Joe to relax safe in the knowledge he will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement and provide his children with a great start in life.

Hallidays reviewed all areas of the business and supported Joe to ensure he maximised returns on all assets tied up in buildings and stock to maximise returns. This has removed considerable stress from his remaining working years.


The Lifecycle Review has enabled Joe to take a step back from running his business by answering the big questions ‘What am I working for?’ and ‘What do I want for my retirement?’

With his plan in place, Joe now has peace of mind that when he retires he will be leaving his business on a firm footing. He can extract the funds he needs to enable him to enjoy the happiness of living the lifestyle he wants in his retirement and continuing to provide a secure future for his family.

What the client said...

Hallidays made me look at the hard facts and take responsibility for my own future and that of my business. I have now set targets and made changes to maximise our assets so I can look forward to my retirement and have peace of mind that the business we have proudly built up over 25 years will continue to thrive.

Joe Pritchard Director - Maggi Electronics