Success Story

Auto Enrolment delights a business and its team

J. Mills (Contractors) Ltd have trusted Hallidays to provide their payroll services and improve their financial systems. With over 100 employees, they had confidence choosing Hallidays to implement Auto Enrolment for their business.

The situation beforehand

They did not fully understand Auto Enrolment (AE) and were concerned team members would react negatively to the changes being imposed by AE.

The company’s existing pension scheme did not comply with the requirements for AE and they needed support to identify a more appropriate scheme.

J. Mills did not have the systems inhouse to be able to implement AE. They needed support to assess their workforce, enrol their team members and avoid the large penalty fines for missing AE deadlines.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays AE expert met with the Directors and held one-to-ones with team members to dispel the myths and fears by providing clarity on how AE would affect the business and each team member.

Hallidays recommended a new pension scheme able to accept both monthly and weekly payments, which treated team members equally and minimised administration costs for the business.

J. Mills focused on what they do best while Hallidays efficiently met all of their AE deadlines, avoiding the stress and expense of penalty fines.


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Hallidays expertise ensured the implementation of Auto Enrolment was a stress-free experience for all the team members of J. Mills.

The company now has peace of mind that they are fully compliant with AE and can relax in the knowledge they will not receive the nasty shock of expensive penalty fines.

Their team members were enrolled in a quality pension scheme. With an easy-to-use portal and advice line their team members are now confidently saving and preparing for a happy retirement.

We didn’t have the systems to handle such a significant change and were concerned how our staff would react. Hallidays handled the whole process from the beginning and were fabulous at communicating with our employees. They took the stress out of the situation so that we could go on running the business as usual.

Peter Noall Head of Finance - J. Mills (Contractors) Ltd