Success Story

Business Growth by working in partnership with Hallidays

DSG Financial Services turned to Hallidays for business advice after they became disillusioned with the lack of ‘added value’ from a succession of accountants. Here’s how we worked in partnership to drive their business forward...

The situation beforehand

DSG had previously worked with various accountancy practices in the region who, although technically competent, simply provided and submitted the company’s accounts.

DSG recognised their business was not progressing due to a lack of financial understanding and focus.

Their ambitious team did not have any formal management training and needed support to gain the knowledge and skills for growing their business.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays’ knowledge and experience was employed to first assess the business and then challenge thinking and inspire positive change.

Excellent management information and formal training has given the business a financial focus and informed decision making and given them a clear understanding of the numbers that matter.

Attending Hallidays’ Business Growth Events supported DSG to stimulate ideas, challenge thinking and gain the tools they needed to grow their business.


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DSG now have an accountancy practice genuinely interested in their business and adding tangible value.

With our expertise as business advisers, Hallidays understand the business and the individuals within it, both from the business and personal perspectives.

The process of goal setting had a galvanising effect, ensuring everyone is driving the business forward in a consistent direction.

DSG are continuing to grow their business and in 2017 expanded into Scotland.

The relationship with Hallidays is one based on trust and an understanding of our business and our people. Among the most important things that Hallidays has brought to our business is the ability and expertise to stimulate and challenge my thinking, and that of the senior management team. This has had a galvanising effect and has helped to ensure that everyone is driving in the same direction. I view Hallidays as key advisors and I’m looking forward to them being a big part of our success.

Richard Hoggart Managing Director, DSG Motor Finance