Success Story

Business Growth Events helped transform profits

Hallidays’ Business AM programme supported Maggi Electronics to transform into a profitable and highly efficient business by improving their competitive strategy, branding and business systems.

The situation beforehand

Being new to the role of Director, Joe attended Business AM and identified radical changes were required to make their electronics repair centre into a profitable business and reduce their dependency on their top 20 customers.

Maggi Electronics needed to improve the way they communicate the quality and benefits of their service to attract new customers and maximise their revenue.

Maggi Electronics identified they did not have robust business systems in place to enable the business to operate efficiently and their team was not being fully supported to achieve their full potential.

The success we've achieved

With support from Hallidays, Maggi Electronics reviewed their turnover and revenue and developed their competitive strategy, which has increased the average spend of customers and made the company more profitable.

We produced various projections to demonstrate the affordability of the potential funding required.

Re-branding has enabled the company to more clearly communicate their benefits to attract new customers and maximise the spend of existing customers.

By introducing new business systems and investing in the personal development of the team the company has created a happier, more productive working environment.


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By attending the Business AM programme and consistently taking action, Maggi Electronics have achieved their vision of transforming a struggling business into a profitable, well-organised business with a happy and productive workforce.

Maggi Electronics have removed the barriers to their success and are confidently driving their business forward and achieving their goals. They are continuing to assess and review their strategy and systems and take action.

The Business AM programme acts as a catalyst for change. Bringing together a wide range of businesses promotes new ideas and experiences to be shared. The action we have taken as a result of attending has enabled us to transform our business and achieve our goals.