Success Story

Business Growth through diversification

With support from Hallidays, W & T Gibson diversified their business to secure its future. Here’s how Hallidays worked with W & T Gibson to develop their business plan so they could take action with confidence.

The situation beforehand

W & T Gibson, a family run manufacturer and supplier of animal food were very concerned about their profitability and growth of their business.

They wanted to expand the business by opening an onsite cafe to capitalise on their beautiful lake and garden but had not pursued this idea due to the lack of support they had received from their bank.

They needed a business plan to support them to identify and take the action required to increase their profitability and grow their family business.

The success we've achieved

The team at Hallidays produced cashflow projections which highlighted the need and urgency to make changes to secure the future of their business.

W & T Gibson discussed their ideas for developing an onsite cafe with Hallidays. The positive response provided by Hallidays gave them the confidence to expand the business in this new direction.

Hallidays worked with W & T Gibson to develop a business plan with actions to enable them to drive their business forward with confidence.


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W & T Gibson trusted Hallidays to provide the advice they needed to turnaround the profitability of their business.

The cashflow projections and enthusiasm provided by Hallidays gave them the confidence to make this ambitious decison.

The cafe has enabled W & T Gibson to attract new customers, which benefited their other products and services.

With their business plan in place they now have confidence taking their business forward, providing peace of mind for their future.

It’s amazing that it was our accountants and not the bank who have been so supportive. Hallidays have always made us feel like we really matter and given us so much support and help. The cash flow projections and business plan have proved invaluable for taking our business forward.

Sheila Gibson Director - W & T Gibson