Success Story

Business One Page Plan improves profits and team happiness

Realco Equipment Ltd produced a Business One Page Plan with funding identified by Hallidays. Taking action, they have increased their profits by investing in the happiness of their team members.

The situation beforehand

Profitability was being affected by high levels of team sickness and some team members were not fully engaged with the goals of the business.

The company did not have any performance measurements or targets in place to monitor what was important in driving the business forward, such as team happiness.

There were few opportunities for team members to discuss their ideas and contribute to the development of the business.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays applied for a Government Growth Voucher on behalf of Realco. This match-funded the cost of the introduction of a Business One Page Plan and appraisal system.

Hallidays worked with Realco to produce their Business One Page Plan, review their successes and advise where action was needed. This monthly snapshot is shared at their team meeting resulting in Realco’s performance and team happiness improving dramatically.

With our support, an appraisal system was introduced to recognise achievement with performance related bonuses linked to their Business One Page Plan.


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Following Hallidays’ recommendations, a new monthly team meeting was introduced to review performance and present the new ‘team member of the month award’.

Realco’s team now feel valued and fully involved in moving the business forward.

With a happier, motivated team working relationships have prospered and Realco have seen a reduction in sickness days and increased their productivity and profits.

With Hallidays support we have increased productivity and profits. Hallidays helped us to implement measures that have enabled our company to run more effectively and efficiently. We will continue to work alongside Hallidays and attend their business growth events for more ideas to take our business forward.

Sandra Booth Business Manager - Realco Equipment Ltd