Success Story

Funding solutions help to grow three SMEs

Getting the funding you need to grow your business can be challenging. Read how we helped 3 local businesses raise finance to support their innovative plans...

The situation beforehand

A window company did not know how they would find funding for a crucial piece of machinery. They were worried they would not be able to fulfil all orders during a busy period. The machinery would increase production and improve systems and processes.

This client was having a great month with new orders but there was a cash shortfall due to an existing customer not settling their account. His bank wanted him to take on invoice discounting for the whole debt book which was not ideal.

In the construction sector, a client was looking for additional working capital to pursue a business development idea but was unsure about what options they had available.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays placed the directors in front of a potential funder within hours of the conversation arising. The application was approved and the machinery has now been installed with no further financing required giving the directors the confidence to push the business forward.

We recommended and contacted Market Invoice which would allow for finance to be raised on a few invoices and not the whole book easing stress and tension with the bank. It is now a great option to ease cashflow problems and fulfil new orders.

Our Corporate Finance team used their funder network to establish a range of options. Funding Circle proved to be the best provider opening opportunities the client didn’t know existed.


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Through Hallidays association with the Corporate Finance Network and funder network contacts, we were able to provide the directors of the window company funding of £100,000.

The short turnaround time of the deal allowed the business to continue to grow and the equipment has improved turnaround time for orders.

Our Market Invoice client can now focus on growing his business instead of worrying about cash shortfalls due to problematic customers.

The rapid turnaround time of one week for our construction sector client has provided the additional working capital giving them the opportunity to expand their business.

Hallidays facilitated the application process for the funding of the machinery. We were very impressed with the rapid turnaround which resulted in obtaining the funding in full. This will dramatically increase the production capacity of our factory and automate our processes, developing opportunities to grow the business and create new employment.

Cheryl Lindley Director - Inbray Limited