Success Story

Growth Events develop successful growth strategy

Hallidays’ Business AM programme supported Trust Brand Communications to develop their vision, review their pricing model and improve their business systems to take the next step in their growth strategy.

The situation beforehand

The two directors needed to align their vision for the business and agree goals and targets to drive the business forward. They needed to identify the value they provide, rather than communicating the features of their service to their customers.

Trust recognised that pricing based on time was not the right way to grow their business. They needed to review their pricing model to one based on value and introduce ways of maximising their cashflow.

Growing their business was vital, however they had limited systems in place to monitor their workload and analyse how their business was performing.

The success we've achieved

With Hallidays’ support, Trust used our Kickstart questionnaire to develop their shared vision and goals. Their clear ‘USP’ and money-back guarantee provides clients with peace of mind.

Introducing a new pricing system has enabled Trust to maximise their profits based on the value they provide. Offering retainer options and Direct Debit payments has improved their cashflow.

With support from Hallidays, Trust implemented their Business One Page Plan to measure the KPIs most important to the growth of their business. Cloud based software is enabling them to operate their business more efficiently.


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By taking action after each Business AM growth event and using their Business One Page Plan (BOPP), Trust is continuing to grow in the direction that is right for them.

On the introduction of their BOPP they beat their previous year’s turnover in just 8 months.

They were recognised as the ‘Business of the Year (up to £1 million)’ at the 2015 Stockport Business Awards.

They have taken the next step in their growth strategy by hiring a new team member to focus on lead generation, business development and project management to drive their business forward.

The benefit of objective business experts and the camaraderie of the Business AM events has encouraged us to take the right actions. Hallidays’ support and insight, combined with the BOPP has enabled us to grow, achieve our goals and win an amazing award.

Stuart Bradley Business Owner - Trust Brand Communications