Success Story

Growth through Hallidays’ Business One Page Plan (BOPP)

Using their BOPP supported with business advice from Hallidays, Trust Brand Communications focused on what matters most for growing their business, took action and exceeded their own expectations.

The situation beforehand

Trust, a branding and design agency, started their business as a team of two working from separate premises. This impacted on their personal life and their day to day communication.

Pricing based on time was not the right way to run their business going forward. They needed to revise their pricing model to one based on value.

Growing the business felt like an overwhelming challenge. Trust needed support to identify and measure what matters most for driving their business forward.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays advised on and facilitated their move into one premises which improved communication and ultimately the day to day stress for the team.

Hallidays worked with Trust to develop the right pricing module and payment structure. They also benefited from attending Hallidays’ Business AM event focusing on pricing and product positioning to maximise profits.

Working together their Business One Page Plan was devised. Now Hallidays meet quarterly with Trust to review their successes and advise where action needs to be taken to drive their business forward.


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From working out of two premises, Trust brought the business under one roof which improved their communication and speed of response.

Recently they moved into bigger premises and have recruited three additional team members.

Attending Hallidays Business AM growth events and using their

Business One Page Plan they focused on what was important for growing their business and won an industry award.

Using their Business One Page Plan as a monthly snapshot of everything that matters ensures they continue taking action to grow their business.

We’ve been able to beat our previous year’s turnover in 8 months. We put this down to measuring the things that matter on our BOPP.

The icing on the cake was winning the Stockport Business Award for ‘Business of the Year - up to £1 million’ in 2015.

Stuart Bradley Business Owner - Trust Brand Communications