Success Story

New IT solution saves money

W & T Gibson were struggling with IT issues in their shops and office. They needed a solution that would bring their business into the 21st century. Here’s how Hallidays implemented efficient new systems to save them over £20K...

The situation beforehand

Their systems were over 10 years old and were incredibly inefficient, with reports and updates having to run overnight.

The Managing Director wanted a system that would provide specific benefits including wireless building connections, simplified accounting and efficient stock taking methods.

Having searched for a new system to overhaul their IT, accounting and point of sale systems, the Managing Director was told more than once that what she wanted to achieve was impossible!

The success we've achieved

Hallidays carried out an IT audit which included a full review of Gibson’s systems.

Hallidays implemented a new server, client computers, wireless connections and new electronic point of sale systems (EPOS), creating a solution that delivered what the business needed.

Benefits of the new system included a reduction in wiring which created a less hazardous environment. More efficient systems boosted morale. There was also a reduction in cost with the introduction of new systems and support.


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Following a smooth transition, Gibson’s is now running with fully up-to-date technology enabling them to have confidence in the quality and accuracy of their systems.

The team are able to work more efficiently and their speedy response times have helped to improve their overall customer service.

I have long been a fan of your accounting side of things but now I am also a big fan of your IT side. Hallidays saved us more than £20,000 in comparison to our old suppliers, who had told us that an awful lot of what we wanted couldn’t be achieved. We are now wireless between the two buildings, wireless throughout the main building and the tills talk to Sage easily, and best of all, from day one everything has worked perfectly. The switch over was handled quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to business.

Christina Gibson Managing Director, W & T Gibson Limited