Success Story

Saved from Cyber Attack

Through clever social engineering a team member at a solicitors was tricked into activating malicious code, initiating a ransomware attack. Hallidays IT rescued them and delivered a Cyber Wise programme to educate their team...

The situation beforehand

Basic web address checking was in force at PC level, and company policy stated that users were allowed to only visit work-related websites.

Desktop computers used locally installed antivirus and emails relied on local spam filtering and virus checking technologies.

Users were unaware of the ever-emerging threats and of the dangers of clicking web links and opening spam emails.

Hallidays Active Health programme stopped the ransomware from encrypting files on the network, however the virus still spread and rendered many systems inoperable.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays IT reacted swiftly and were able to perform a full reinstallation of the Servers and Desktops, using Hallidays off-Site backup solution.

We moved their emails to a cloud-based solution with enterprise-scanning facilities that ensures that all files are safe from malicious code and links.

Hallidays IT have delivered the CYBER WISE programme to educate and empower users with a greater understanding of online security.

We installed the latest in network security hardware which is linked to a global database of new and emerging threats.


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Hallidays IT Active Health Monitoring service stopped the ransomware infection from encrypting the files, and following the new system updates, the company now has an enhanced solution covering all infiltration points.

Combining end user empowerment with proven technology installations, Hallidays IT with CYBER WISE have ensured the company is doing all they can to protect themselves and their clients.

The whole team is more vigilant when dealing with emails. The IT system is behaviourally aware and understands normal and irregular activity ahead of any event, ensuring the protection of the business.

Hallidays IT have been wonderful dealing with our cyber attack. We have always regarded our IT systems as protective in terms of security but this attack has highlighted to us that with social engineering crime we need to always remain vigilant. We are thankful for the new technologies which are fantastic.

Office Manager Solicitors