Success Story

Acquisition of Premiere Products for Selden Research Limited

Hallidays Corporate Finance Team were proud to support Selden Research Limited with their third business acquisition in five years to expand their market share. Here’s how Hallidays helped...

The situation beforehand

Selden, a well-respected manufacturer and supplier of professional cleaning products, acquired Jeyes Professional in 2012, with Hallidays’ support growing their market presence.

When the opportunity to acquire Premiere Products arose in 2017 it was apparent the transaction could be completed quickly to minimise disruption and implementation time. Selden knew they could rely on Hallidays to achieve an effective transaction.

Selden needed support to minimise disruption to their core business during the bidding, due diligence and integration stages of acquiring Premiere Products.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays Corporate Finance Team liaised with all parties to complete an intensive due diligence process, ensuring Selden could make the acquisition swiftly, in line with the completion date.

Working closely with the corporate lawyers, Hallidays reviewed all transaction documents to ensure appropriate indemnities and warranties were included in the deal.

With Hallidays’ support the deal was completed quickly and with peace of mind, enabling all elements of the business to confidently move forward.


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The successful implementation of Premiere Products into the Selden group has created a more comprehensive product range to offer their customers.

In addition to increasing their UK market share, Selden have gained access to new export markets in the Middle and Far East. There are also opportunities for future growth through production and buying synergies.

Hallidays continue to work closely with Selden, supporting their next phase of development and growth.

We are delighted with the acquisition of Premiere Products. Hallidays were fundamental in steering us through an intensive due diligence process. Whilst Selden was already well established in our industry, this latest acquisition will enable us to further increase our market share.

Mark Woodhead Director – Selden Research Limited